Every New Year, I think about what I want to accomplish. Yes, the dreaded resolution. Last year, it was simply to be more positive. It’s an ongoing battle, but I think it’s helped my overall attitude.

This year, I really want to lose weight. Just thinking about it has me breaking out in a sweat. You see, I’m a lapsed lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I know what it takes to lose the weight and it overwhelms me.

I was wavering, thinking, how can I do this again? When out of nowhere, it struck me. Just go to a meeting. Break down that goal into little steps and celebrate each one. Don’t think about the final objective, only the thing you need to do today to make it happen. It was an epiphany, aha moment, and I had to share.

Whatever your resolution is, you can do it. Don’t think big picture, think about one thing you can do to move a little closer to the goal line. It helped me, hope it helps you, too! Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with many celebrations!

“Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.”
— Mia Hamm

6 Replies to “The Dreaded Resolution”

  1. Perfectly timed and wise blog, Jan. I, too, feel overwhelmed by the things I want to accomplish in 2015. I started making a list and it felt soooo unachievable and unrealistic. So what I am doing is following your advice. I am taking the four major things on my list that I really want to accomplish this year, making them their own master list, and then listing under that heading many things I can accomplish successfully in baby steps with a check box to check each baby step off as an achieved goal. Thanks for this great blog! Now I feel that the things my heart wants to do for 2015, my mind, body, and pocket book can now achieve!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Diane, I’m so glad it helped. And I know you can do it! 2015 is going to be an amazing year! Wishing you all good things.

  2. I agree, Jan. Baby steps are the best way to approach a goal. Otherwise, thinking about how much needs to be done would be overwhelming. I’m going to do this with my goals for this year. Good luck to all of us!

  3. I have one overall goal for 2015. It isn’t too concrete, though I plan to make out a weekly schedule to help me achieve it.

    Live a financially, emotionally, mentally and physically healthier life! 🙂

    Even if it takes baby steps, any step forward will be better than a step back or just standing still.

    Progress will be celebrated, in healthy ways. 🙂

    Here’s a blessed 2015 for all of us!

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