Avast, Mateys! This past weekend I attended the Ancient City Romance Authors Conference in historic St. Augustine, Florida complete with Captain Jack Sparrow and a Pirate Museum Tour. The conference was well run and featured speakers who imparted a wealth of knowledge, but the highlight had to be the exceptional Sharon Sala.

We started off Friday morning after pictures with Captain Jack and a dip into a treasure chest full of chocolate. Our first speaker, editing specialist Nancy Quatrano started us off with a bang, followed by the tag team of comedy, Dolores Wilson and Kathyrn Bain. Marge Smith AKA Elizabeth Sinclair capped off the morning session with her talk on The Dreaded Synopsis and then it was off to lunch followed by a tour at the Pirate Museum led by Captain Mayhem himself.

But that’s not all. No, the day was not over. We returned to the hotel for a scrumptious bounty of food laid out by Dolores Wilson who is certainly a culinary genius. And then it was pitch time. I had the pleasure of spending time with Agent Amie Flanagan of the Sullivan Maxx Agency.  And yes, it ended with a request!

Saturday morning, we met for breakfast and then it was the Sharon Sala show. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed listening to Sharon. I can tell why she’s such a good writer. Even when she just talks to you, she evokes so much emotion and knows just how to reach in and twist your heart strings. I was enthralled. Sharon spoke on a range of topics from self publishing to the things she wished she’d known before she became published. However, the one thing she said that I will not forget: The power to succeed is to believe in yourself.  This is so true and something every writer struggles to do. The gremlins of self doubt must be crushed!

I roomed with Captain Connie Mann and Quartermaster, Carla Mueller. We were having so much fun that Carla and I decided to stay an extra night and go on the Halloween Express Ghost Tour. What a scream! Sunday, we visited with chapter mate, Gloria Ferguson in her new St. Augustine home. We had lunch at the South Side Grill in Crescent Beach. Good food, view, and got to see a gopher turtle chowing down on some leaves.

We capped off the day back at Gloria’s where we encountered the resident ghost and did a little ghostbusting…Yes, you read that right. Do you believe in ghosts? Tell me your stories. I’d love to hear them.



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    1. I so enjoyed your presentation, Dolores. I could listen to you talk all day. Especially if you keep feeding me. =) Great job and thanks so much.

  1. Jan – great recap. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend. Congrats on the request, tho’ I’m not surprised. :-}

  2. They say if you can attend only one conference this year, make it the ACRA conference, and that’s what I did: attend only one conference. What an awesome group of members! So much talent and support. Hope to see you there next year, too.

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