My husband likes to grill, but when that’s not possible, I broil the hot dogs in my trusty toaster oven. After everyone had fixed their plates and sat down to eat, I started hearing a weird, squeaky noise. I could not figure out what it was. I walked into the kitchen and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Mr. Verm up on the kitchen counter in front of the toaster oven. He would put his paw on the handle of the little oven, press down, and try to stick his head in to snatch a hot dog. But every time he tried it, the spring loaded door would fly up and smack him in the face.

Not to be deterred from his mission, Mr. Verm continued this practice until he finally put enough of his weight on the door to keep  it open long enough to snatch the hotdog.  The hot dog firmly secured in the steel trap of his jaw, Mr. Verm hopped off the counter and disappeared into parts unknown. I never saw the hot dog again, not even a scrap.

A hardcore, relentless thief, Mr. Verm had struck again. If only I had video…

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  1. Smart cat. Yes, a video of it on America’s Funniest Home Videoes would have been a top $$ prize winner. Try it again with the camera rolling. Best wishes, 😻

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