So, I’ve decided to start a blog. Where to begin? Well, a little about myself. I like to write edge-of-your seat, fast-paced, action-packed romance novels with angst-ridden, hard on the outside, soft on the inside heroes. I especially enjoy paranormal and romantic suspense. I’m currently working on a RS novel, but lately it’s taken a back seat to some health issues.

I found out I had a rather large uterine fibroid tumor and decided to have uterine fibroid embolization to shrink it down, rather than a hysterectomy. I had the procedure about a month ago and so far, so good. But, for some darn reason, I haven’t started writing again. Actually, this blog may help get me back in the groove.

That, and learning to say no once in a while. I’m a chronic “run to the rescue and help people out” person. I love to be a superhero, but it does tend to cut into the writing time. I also have a husband and children, so that secret identity can be hard to hide. =)

Of course, my babies are not so small anymore. My oldest daughter will be 21 this year and is studying interior design. My son is 19 and in college studying video game design and my youngest daughter is about to get her license to drive in July when she turns 16. Still, they need me and so does hubby. He works too hard, but we still manage to find time for fun together.

Fun…that’s something I want. What do I enjoy besides writing? I love movies, books, TV shows, working out (especially kickboxing and spinning), going to the gun range…oh, and fast cars. Yeah, my husband just bought a new Pontiac GTO with 400 horsepower. Gotta love it!

I also love that Springfield 45…yeah, lots of fun stuff.

Oh, yeah. Back to the writing thing. I got distracted. Hot man, fast cars, guns…oh, sounds like one of my books. LOL!

Hey, tune in again. Maybe I’ll have some good news. Maybe I’ll write.