FAITH, NOT FEAR. This is my new motto. For too long I’ve allowed my own lack of confidence in my writing abilities to hold me back. Fear, and I will call it by its name, has caused me to miss opportunities and drop a lot of balls. Maybe I would be published by now if I had not allowed fear to rule my decision making.

At the 2013 RWA ® National Conference in Atlanta, Cathy Maxwell shared a story about a young artist who never signed his paintings because he didn’t think they were good enough. This spoke to me.  How many times have I hesitated to submit my work because I doubted myself? How many times did I fail to follow up on a ‘good’ rejection letter or a call for submissions because I was afraid to fail? No more.

It’s time to be fearless, to put myself out there, confident that I am a good writer and that my work is good enough. I’m taking chances without fear. Rejection will not stop me. I will continue to submit, revise, and repeat until my dream comes true. What about you?

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

15 Replies to “Faith, Not Fear”

  1. Good choice! There’s a point where you have to take the leap. Over & over again until you learn to fly!

  2. Thanks for that pep talk. A lot of us need to get rid of fear. I know you are a good writer. Keeping fingers crossed for you to sell soon!

  3. Good for you! I’m so glad, because I love your writing. Fear paralyzes me, too. When I sit down at the keyboard, I actually tell it out loud to go away. It works, though it never seems to work with the cat sitting on my keyboard.

  4. Great post, Jan. I battle the fear monster too. Keep up the fearless attitude. We are all here cheering you on.

  5. Jan,

    Your words are so true. Thanks for your inspiration. I know this is going to be your year!

  6. You greatest fear will hold back your greatest desire. We only have one shot at life and being fearless is the way to go! Very inspiring and a great attitude to have. You got this!!

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