Okay, I think this blogging may be addictive. I couldn’t wait to come post today. So, I thought I’d give my recommendations for quality TV viewing. LOL!

If you don’t have Showtime, get it. The Tudors and Dexter are worth the price. Love Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as the young Henry and Dexter is the most lovable serial killer you’ll ever meet.

Next, the CW’s Supernatural is awesome. I’d tune in just to look at Jared and Jensen and the ’67 Impala, but it’s a great show beyond all that.

Other faves: House, Law and Order SVU, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Blood Ties, The Dresden Files, Bones, Medium, Battlestar Galactica, Drive, Heroes, 24, Prison Break, Smallville, and of course, I could go on. Thank God for my DVR or I’d never be able to keep up.

All for today. Later…