I was crazy excited to attend the FL Author’s Book Fair in Lake Helen yesterday. Why you ask? Because good friend and chapter mate, Connie Mann was signing her new book, ANGEL FALLS. Afterward, I met my critique partners for lunch and inspiration.

Being a writer can be a lonely business. We need to support one another. Be there for not only the highs, but the lows. On my refrigerator, I have a magnet that says, “Have you hugged a writer today?” If you haven’t, go find one right now, and do it. Even if it’s a virtual hug.

2 Responses to “18th Annual FL Authors BookFair”

  1. Connie Mann says:

    Hi Jan,
    You don’t know how much it meant that you and so many of my VCRW chapter mates came to the booksigning! You all have been there for Angel Falls’ long and difficult journey to publication, so it was extra special to FINALLY celebrate it’s release with all of you! Thanks for your friendship and encouragement at every step of the journey!!

  2. jan says:

    So happy for you and all your success with Angel Falls. Wells deserved.

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